Yoga Studio Gunman Had Record Of Harassing Women, Posted Misogynist, Racist Videos | TODAY

The 40-year-old man who fatally shot two people on Friday and injured five others before taking his own life posted dozens of misogynist and racist videos online before the attack. The man, Scott Paul Beierle, also had a history of harassing women in Florida with multiple arrests, according to records. The father of victim Maura Binkley is calling for “a better way” to address people who exhibit “certain behaviors.”
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Yoga Studio Gunman Had Record Of Harassing Women, Posted Misogynist, Racist Videos | TODAY


  1. As many more men are unable to find love, they will certainly find hate. Then they become suicidal, homicidal, and eventually macro political genocidal.

    Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 10 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you an entire graveyard created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization buliding men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

  2. typical florida. fake women think you are worth more than you are, then men get tired of of all the returns and fake news… so why not just take it out on the weakest link…

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