Yoga for Surfing 🏄‍♂️ 25-Minute Yoga Class for Surfers with Chelsea Maliakai

Yoga class for surfing with Chelsea Maliakai

From warming up your body before you jump on your board, to increasing body awareness and strengthening the muscles you need to surf your very best, and of course cooling down and stretching after you get out of the water, yoga can greatly enhance your entire surfing experience.

This is the perfect yoga class to practice before you paddle out so you can properly warm up your body and ignite all the muscles you’ll be using.

The first part of this yoga class offers a warm-up for surfing.

The second part of the class offers a cool down that’s great for your post-surf cool down. Of course, you can practice the entire video before or after surfing (and also on your off days) to keep your body (and mind!) strong, flexible and healthy.

Join YogiApproved teacher Chelsea Maliakai as she guides you through this Yoga for Surfers yoga class.

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