If you’re new to yoga, WELCOME!

Leggings –
Bra –
Mat –

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I filmed this on my Canon EOS 80D with the Rodelink microphone. I didn’t need lights for this video, but when I do, I use these studio lights –


  1. Hi I'm new to yoga and trying to gently get back into exercise after 6 months of doing nothing following covid and 2 very severe asthma attacks. Would appreciate any advice on what videos to do next following the yoga for complete beginners that I have been doing and love! Thanks very much x

  2. 47 and started yoga just after my bday. Discovered Cat and have become hooked. Have done it for 30 days straight daily!! Thank you Cat, you and simba (I have a dog called simba too) seem to be the perfect pair to follow in my discovery of yoga 🧘‍♀️

  3. Just tried this – first ever attempt at yoga. Motivated by a sore hip I wanted to try some stretching to help post running stiffness. Not sure if it's helped my hip but all my other joints feel beautiful so thanks, will try the same session a few times.

  4. Great video, amazing dog 🙂 after learning this routine, which of your many videos do you recommend moving onto next? (Getting back into yoga after 4 years away, so I’d say I’m beginner level right now) Thanks!

  5. I know I'm not in the best of shape, but I wasn't prepared for yoga! This was the first yoga video I have ever done and I really enjoyed it. My primary care physician and his wife both spoke very highly of your practice and videos and insisted that I try them.

    I was a bit sad that I can't do some of the poses or that I definitely don't look like my body should, but I guess I have to be patient. I disagree that turning up on the matt is the hardest thing. Logging back on and doing this video the next day and the next day and the next day knowing that my body isn't the way it should be will be a challenge for me. Today is day 3 🥰

    I was really surprised how warm I felt afterwards. Not sweaty, but clammy and tingly. I have a long way to go!

    I also find it surprising that no matter where my cat is in my house or what time of day I do yoga, the cat insists on coming and sitting on or near the mat. Even if she has just one paw touching it she seems content. Clearly she must be on the same wavelength as Simba!

    I've committed to 30 days of this video… wish me luck!

  6. I've never done yoga before in my life and i've been wanting to try it. I was referred to your channel and I'm glad I was. I'm looking forward to trying this as my first Yoga effort!

  7. I did yoga some years ago but left it, and coming back again to this, was so satisfying… need to stretch again to gain my strength again, thank you!
    Loved Simba, he's one of the reasons I'm here <3

  8. First time in years! Thank you so much. Loved it & feel so chilled out. I will be returning for another session very soon. Hope everyone is safe & well. Namaste 🙏🏻💖

  9. Thank you so much for this!! The flow itself seems really foundational, hitting every part of the body with those groundwork sort of poses. And then on top of that, the energy you give off and the editing is just awesome. Flow + you + Simba = awesome !!!

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