Yoga for Arm Strength – Yoga Class – Five Parks Yoga

Yoga class that incorporates cardio and hand weights. This yoga class was the third online class ever published from my home studio in Arvada. Enjoy this “sculpt” class that includes familiar yoga flow with weights (any weight), and a bit of cardio. You can practice this class without weights and still enjoy an active Vinyasa class.

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Arvada, Colorado

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  1. This was…no joke…one of, if not; the most challenging classes of yours I’ve done, and I’ve done most of them. I’m not sure why it took me so long to do. I’m adding this to my weekly routine to increase my endurance, strength, and tone. It literally covers EVERYTHING! Thank you Erin! 😊 🙏

  2. The video with the weights is perhaps the best I have ever done you are amazing thank you it has helped me avoid surgery due to scoliosis
    I feel better now in my 50s than when I was in my 20s
    I love all your videos and try to do them faithfully .
    Grateful for your classes

  3. I loved this practice, it was challenging but showed me how far I could go and what I have accomplished so far with your home practices. Thank you so much Erin

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