Yoga class uses see-through domes to keep students safe

Yoga students in Toronto, Canada, are social distancing by doing their class in clear domes to keep them safe from the spread of coronavirus.

Each bubble is 7ft tall and 12ft wide with built-in heating to recreate the conditions of a hot yoga studio.

The 50 domes are cleaned and disinfected after every use.

Steve Georgiev, the event organiser, said: “Everybody’s been really cooped up for the last few months and haven’t been able to go out and the innovative setup of this event allows us to do this in a safe and responsible way.

“People get to enjoy a group fitness activity in a private environment.”

Canada has not yet announced a re-opening date for fitness facilities and other non-essential businesses.

The domes are made up of 146 pieces and take two people almost eight hours to put up.

“The domes were pretty cool because I was able to get a bird’s eye view of all the students,” said yoga instructor Kay Ghajar.

“So I felt like, even though I was not able to physically connect or touch any of my students to adjust them, it was really easy to point people out and connect with them in their domes.”

Yoga student Holland Philpott said she had “missed that connection” with other students while in quarantine.

“I really enjoyed sweating and getting all the toxins and negativity out of my body a bit.”

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