Yoga Class for Stress Relief Using Essential Oils 😊

Many people turn to yoga for stress management. Yoga has an incredibly long list of proven health benefits for both mind and body, and yoga for stress management is at the top of that list!

From calming and centering the mind, to relaxing the body and melting away the physical tension that results from (and also contributes to) stress, yoga is an amazing tool for stress management.

Another amazing tool for stress management? Essential oils. Essential oils and yoga are a potent combination for combating and relieving stress.

Join YogiApproved teacher and wellness expert Jennifer Pansa in this juicy, relaxing and feel-good yoga flow. Jennifer incorporates yoga poses, breathing exercises and essential oil suggestions for a complete stress management yoga practice.

Want to get the essential oils and diffuser featured in this class?

dōTERRA essential oil diffuser

Lemmon Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

In the video, she uses the following dōTERRA brand oils:
Balance –
Breathe –
DigestZen –
Frankincense –
Lavender –

As a reminder, you do not need to have essential oils in order to practice this yoga for stress class. These are entirely optional, but if you do have some on hand or would like to try them (you can find them through the links above), essential oils are an amazing addition to your stress management. You can also learn more on Jeniffer’s site here:

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  1. This was the first yoga class that I did I’m trying to incorporate yoga into my life I am also a wellness advocate for Doterra oil and I do have all those oils and I loved this yoga class I will for sure be doing it every day thank you so very much

  2. Most essential oils are not supposed to be used undiluted. They need to be cut with a carrier oil first. Not straight from the essential oil bottle as shown in this video. These oils are neat, meaning undiluted.

  3. I love this video using essential oil. She is great yoga instructor, she takes time and breath to show each pose and down to earth. I hope see more videos in the future!

  4. do yourself a favour and try these to make yourself they are the base of manyaromatheray techniques and perfumes and will benefit your wellbeing also @t

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