Yin Yoga Class ~ Surrender

Rejuvenate, restore and relax deeply in this yin yoga practice filmed with Udaya Yoga for Heart Alchemy. Yin and restorative yoga are powerful practices for healing connective tissue in the body, promoting flexibility, releasing tension and healing the nervous system.

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About Michelle Goldstein:
Michelle has maintained a daily yoga practice for 18 years. A protégée of renowned Power Yoga teacher, Bryan Kest of Santa Monica Power Yoga, Michelle has been teaching yoga flow and meditation for 13 years.

Michelle leads workshops, immersions & retreats worldwide as well as teaching at Santa Monica Power Yoga & Equinox Fitness Clubs.

Known for her creative vinyasas (sequences of yoga asana) and pranayama, Michelle Goldstein’s teaching integrates influences from various forms of movement and meditation set to powerfully inspiring backdrops of music.

Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, Michelle’s classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.

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  1. Wow!!!!! Beautiful class and I love your instructions, the options provided for props as well 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. I'm currently working on my 500 hr and considering studying Yin Yoga next. This was such a wonderful class I now know for sure that I will be doing just that! Thank you for a beautiful and re-energizing experience.

  3. Relaxing and restorative class. Thank you so much 🙏🏼. My first time, but I’ll be back for more!

  4. i really wanted to relax during this class but couldn't because of the constant background chatter of the instructor!! she went on and on and on and on…..constantly..about peace, life, authentic self, LA traffic!!!! I mean..shut up once in a while!!!!!
    i would've preferred if she mentions the pose, tells you exactly how to get into it, where to feel the stretch and shut up! put some relaxing music and let us do the work. and it's not like she has a soothing voice!!!!!! so bloody annoying

  5. My mum thinks you are the best yoga 🧘 person and I agree ☝️ I am still a beginner in yoga 🧘‍♀️ tho but I love 💕 your yoga 🧘‍♀️ lessons🥰🤗😸😻🌹

  6. This class was everything I was searching for, if not more. Thank you for all the guidance, teachings, and sharing this class with us.

  7. Thank you, that was lovely, I particularly enjoyed the restorative poses. i don't teach those myself, and have missed going to the studio to participate in those classes, thank you Namaste

  8. "Surrender doesn't mean we are giving up… It means we wre giving in a little bit"…. Love those eye opening lines🥰😍😘

  9. The word surrender maybe a charged word for anyone who has had trauma or found themselves in a situation they can not control. 2020 may be such a year for all of us. I’d like to suggest “soften” as an alternative.

  10. Excellent class! “Snap and freak out”, loved that comment. This is what yoga is about to me, love the flows but classes like this is where you find the peace of heart and mind. My opinion of course. Love the haircut🌞🌴🙏

  11. Wow thank you. this practice actually unravelled deep healing the next day, potent and releasing superpowers. Namaste

  12. Amazing class! I am loving your yin yoga videos. I can’t wait to return to this one again. I feel really open and balanced 🙂

  13. I have practiced yoga with you for almost 2 years. You are my absolute favorite yoga instructor! Recently I have added Yin yoga to my practice. My gosh I love it! I hope you will add more of this to your teachings ☮️💜🕉️

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