Yin Yoga Class for Back Pain & Back Stiffness with Kassandra Reinhardt | Full Class

This 45-Minute Yin Yoga class with Kassandra Reinhardt is class number 4 of 6 from the Yin Yoga Remedies bundle. This yin yoga class is all about the spine! Relieve back stiffness, work out knots in the upper back, and improve your spinal mobility.

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Join renowned Yin Yoga teacher Kassandra Reinhardt as she guides you through an extensive Yin Yoga video bundle. You will reduce stress, relieve physical tension, improve flexibility, create space in the body to increase your range of motion, and cultivate an overall sense of wellbeing. Prepare to relax, restore, rejuvenate, and do your body (and mind!) a world of good!

Kassandra Reinhardt is a renowned Yin Yoga instructor based out of Ottawa, Canada. In addition to teaching classes locally and yoga retreats internationally, Kassandra quickly rose to YouTube fame for her channel dedicated primarily to Yin Yoga. She loves bringing Yin Yoga videos to her online students, and is also a published author.

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  1. I find that this yoga video is challenging to me as I have hyper mobile joints. When in thread the needle or puppy pose, I have not yet found a way to get comfortable and stay in these poses. While trying to do either of these two poses, my face is either smushed into my yoga mat and I can’t breathe or my neck is bearing the weight while trying to do thread the needle. Any suggestions or advice that you could offer to help me with these poses? Are there alternate poses that work the same areas? I love practicing yoga with you and have been doing yoga with you for over two years now and those are the two that really make it challenging. Thanks for posting such great practices. I know when I step away from my mat, I am ready to face my day.

  2. I’m taking care of my mom after her liver surgery. My yoga practice is what makes me optimistic, centered and hopeful throughout the day. Thank you so much 💖

  3. I have lower back and left leg pain if I stand more than 5-6 minutes. Will these be helpful or have to add some more yoga?

  4. Thank you for the wonderful practice. My back was so sore at the start and it felt much much better at the end.

  5. Hi Kassandra, thanks for another awesome class! There were however two rounds of commercials during the class, which I am not sure is the best option for a yin class?

  6. I have a tic disorder and I am constantly so tense in my shoulders, this helped so so so much I can't even tell you. I'm gonna keep doing this routine a couple more times in the next week cause I'm not entirely un-tense yet but I still haven't felt this relaxed in a WHILE. I even fell asleep toward the end!! Thank you for the video! 😀

  7. This was such a lovely class, great for my back too – thank you!

    Although the ads in the middle of poses was jarring and frustrating.

  8. new to yin yoga and this was awesome. really relaxing and I feel some improvement in the tightness in my lower back after a session. Will come back to this. Thanks Kassandra.

  9. First timer with you. Really needed a good Yin Yoga for pain and flexibility. I really enjoyed this. Breathe through the discomfort. I'll be back to do this one again.

  10. My back feels WAYYY better after this class. It was sooo stiff before. Thank you again Kassandra for saving our life

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