Wrist Free Hatha Yoga Class | 20-Minute All Levels Practice

This 20-minute hatha yoga class is perfect for anyone who wants a full body stretch, without using their wrists, hands or forearms! This will be a slower-paced practice with a little bit of flow, but more time to hold each pose. There are no downward-facing dogs, planks or chaturangas in this sequence. We will begin with a standing sequence and end with supine stretches. All levels welcome and no props needed.

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Thank you so much for joining. See you on the mat! x

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  1. This was perfect!! Thank you. Would love to see more wrist-free flows as I'm with a wrist injury.

  2. Thank you for posting this practice. I practice Ashtanga and even short/modified practices are wrist and shoulder heavy. This practice was really restorative. I will do it again!

  3. Hey Jessica. I just wanted to say that I've been following your channel for almost a year and doing yoga consistently has changed my life. Thank you for your content and all your tips! Sending you love and light 💛

  4. Thank you, just what I needed to start my day – I have a shoulder and wrist injury and haven't done any yoga for a while, but with videos like these I can 🙂

  5. Great routine! Still had some wrist pain during the parts about interlacing fingers and then pressing. Over all great routine, thanks for making this!

  6. This class is a wonderful mix of soothing and strengthening. Love the length of the holds, the respite for my down dog weary wrists and your short and deeply nurturing meditation at the end. Many thanks, Jessica 😁

  7. Oh my this was lovely and just what my body needed today🥰 Thank you for this gift 🌸

  8. I love this flow very much❣ Thanks Jessica for giving my wrists a break and it's much needed actually🙏

  9. Thank you for an excellent wrist free practice! I have arthritis and need to take it easy on my wrists. I loved the meditation at the end as well.

  10. 🙏 Thank you! I have carpal tunnel so I can’t do most yoga workouts. This was wonderful.

  11. This was a beautiful flow. At the end of the flow and the little meditation and when i opened my eyes i felt like the room was bright than it was when i closed my eyes. I am so grateful for this lesson. ☀️👀

  12. My practice feels so deep and meaningful when I practice with you. Your channel has totally brought me back to my yoga roots after a long hiatus. Thank you. ❤

  13. this was great bc i just got the pfizer vaccine and didnt feel like using any arm strength lol

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