Wireless Microphone for Online Yoga Teaching – Rode Wireless Go

The best wireless microphone for teaching yoga online – the Rode Wireless Go.

👉🏼 Rode Wireless Go:
👉🏼 Rode SC7 cord:
👉🏼 AUX input to USB cable:
👉🏼 AUX input to USB-C cable (for 2018 or newer Mac):
👉🏼 Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter:

🔥 Cheap ALTERNATIVE to the Rode Wireless Go:
Watch my review on this “budget” version:

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  1. Couldn't you just use a lapel microphone attached to a smartphone (eg iphone) and teach with the phone in a pocket of your yoga pants? Just comparing cost of a $35 lapel mic vs $220 Rode WG. Then you could host the meeting from a laptop on mute, and still hear students if you wanted to?

  2. Hi Ashley!! Thank you sooo much for this. I have been a bit overwhelmed looking into microphones and this is super helpful! I'm looking for something that will mainly be used for recording yoga videos (rather than for use in live classes). I read something about this mic only working on line of sight … does that mean if I clip the mic to my leggings (and use a lav) that it won't work if I turn the other way … for example in a mandala flow?

    I will also be doing lots of recording outside and won't necessarily be in a wifi zone. Will it still work?

    Maybe I'm not fully understanding what line of sight means or how strict it is haha, I'm hoping this is still the mic for me!!

    Thanks so much for your time and for these videos.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I am looking for solutions to teach my online yoga and dance classes via Zoom. I only just found you here 🙏✨

  4. Great video, thank you for sharing! I have tried a few different things and have not yet found what I am looking for. The biggest issue I have is sharing my computer audio (music) with students. I use Krisp for noise cancellation, but all of my mics sometimes pick up the music which causes my voice to cut out…I am wondering if you share your music with students and how well that works for you with the Rode Wireless Go…?

  5. I watched several videos trying to get the best information on wireless mics for Zoom classes. Ashley, your video by far is the best. I really enjoyed listening to your review on the Rode Wireless. I'm going to order one today! I have been teaching online Taiji since this pandemic hit us and have tried several mics. I'm sold on Rode! Thanks so very much for your thorough explanation.

  6. Ah thank you so much! I loved this and your webcam video! Can I ask how you play music on your online classes? I play mine via Zoom but presumably you cant hear the music when the mic is on? Just wondered how you overcame this?

  7. Thank you so much. I was looking for a video specifically like this to explain how to use the Rode Wireless Go to film yoga videos and to teach online classes. You did such a great job clearly communicating everything.

  8. Hi, Ashley! Thanks very much for this helpful video. Just missing one (more) cable!! What is the name of the USB cable that is plugged directed into the laptop, please? Thanks very much!

  9. HI Ashley. Great vids, thank you. Question! How do you call the connecting cable from the ROde transmitter to computer? Audio to Hdmi ..; do you have a specification? Can’t find it… Thank you!!

  10. Thanks Ashley. I just bought one of these and your demo on how to use it was very helpful. I am a lawn bowls coach and the wires were always a problem. Not anymore, I will use this from now on. Thanks very much.

  11. Hi Ashley thank you for making this video and for taking to time to answer everyone's question which is really helpful. I haven't taught online yet only because I wanted to get the sound right and this will give me a lot of confidence. I also teach dance, what technique would you use for that so I can have music as well as voice.

  12. Hi thank you so much for your video! Super helpful! 1 question, i bought the wireless mic rode & the audio jack fo Samsung, but when i did live Instagram, my voice didn't came through the mic, any advice? Thanks

  13. Hey – I bought this system based on your reviews. I'm a Pilates instructor and this system cuts out any time I turn my body or go face down. Have you not had this experience with it?

  14. Hey Ashley, I have the ride wireless go and sc7 cable, I have connected it all up as you show, to teach through zoom on my iPhone but the sound is still being picked up by the phone, is there a setting in zoom I need to change? I really need help!! Thank you for your information, Sue

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