Why Did Gunman Open Fire on Yoga Studio in Florida?

Was the gunman who killed two people inside a Florida yoga studio part of a growing group of angry men called “incels?” Some believe 40-year-old Scott Beierle may have carried out the attack as an act of revenge on women for rejecting his romantic advances. Beierle spewed misogynistic and racist hate in a series of YouTube videos which mainly targeted women. In one of his videos he sympathized with Elliot Rodger, a self-described “incel,” which is short for “involuntarily celibate.” #InsideEdition


  1. I’m a woman. But getting a dude ARRESTED for slapping your ass is over the top. Like oh let’s put you in jail where you can potentially get shanked just bc you touched my ass. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. We need to expedite the improvement of sex dolls. This guy needed something that he could control totally – something that could love him at his command. Why can't these 'mass murderers' ever start the kill count with themselves? Smh.

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