Why Christians Should Teach Both Neutral And Christ-Centered Yoga Classes

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This question came in, and we thought it would be a good time to talk about why we think Christians should also consider teaching what we call neutral classes vs. only teaching Christ-centered classes:

“A gym/studio has asked me if I’d consider getting certified to teach yoga. As a Christian, I do find your training to be rather appealing (especially the spiritual aspect). But would your training equip me to be able to teach yoga in a “secular” environment?”

The short answer is absolutely!

All 3 of your CDY instructors teach what we call neutral AND Christ-centered practices, and we’ve all taught in secular environments at some point in our teaching journey.

What’s cool is as a Christian, even when you’re teaching a neutral class, Jesus’ light can still shine through. People can tell there’s something different about you, even if they can’t pinpoint exactly what it is.

PLUS it can open doors for conversations with non-believers who otherwise might not try one of your Christ-centered classes.

And then God has a chance to get His foot in the door of their heart.

We actually think it’s great to teach neutral classes for 2 reasons:

1. Like we mentioned above, it’s a great way to reach non-believers.
2. It gives you more options to get in some teaching reps because you can teach yoga nearly anywhere.

And we get it if you only want to teach Christ-centered classes! Some are called to only do one or the other, but we’ll equip you to do both.

In this video Misty talks more about why Christians should consider teaching neutral classes.