What NOT to say in your yoga class introduction

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  1. Super helpful! Thank you very much Ashley! Starting my group exercise classes again, and going through your videos has really helped me get in the right mindset and great examples of what to try 🙂

  2. YESSS so good! I have been to a few classes where the instructor asked if anyone was brand new to yoga. It put a few people on the spot and you could tell by their body language that they felt uncomfortable. Since I teach online, I start off with "Welcome to Yoga with Rachel. Today we have a yoga flow for anxiety relief (name changes depending on the focus of the class). For items, I invite you to bring along a pillow and a blanket. I will provide options in case those items are not available. Let's get started!" I do my very best to make my students feel at ease and welcome before I begin the class. A warm smile goes a long way as well! Thank you for sharing 🙏

  3. I never understood the: Does anyone have any injuries? question. I would assume that grown adults know their own limits and their own bodies and to stop if they are injured in a specific location and the move hurts. Also who wants to talk about their injuries in front of a group of people 😅 it could be a sensitive topic.

  4. “Hi! My name is Jaime and welcome to this (length) minute (style of yoga) class. Before we begin, is there anyone new here?” Or some variation of this is what I say!

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