We Turned Our Great Room Into a Smart Yoga Studio

Yoga and meditation are such a comfort to me. I have been practicing for about 10 years, but lately with everything that’s going on in our world, I’ve become so much more invested in all things mindfulness-related. I partnered with Amazon to transform our great room into an automated yoga studio with the help of Amazon Alexa. Being able to use Alexa and the Amazon Smart Plug to control my devices and set up routines has made my life a little easier and leaves me with more “me time”. I just ask and Alexa can set off a routine like creating a Zen yoga environment or getting ready for bed. Whatever it is, setting up routines is simple and easy, and Alexa is always ready to help! In our yoga routine we set the Echo Show to play meditation music, our Phillips Hue lights to turn on, and our diffuser to turn on (make sure your diffuser has a mechanical on/off switch, that’s key!).

How to set up a smart home routine for yoga | Amazon Alexa

How to connect a smart plug to Alexa | Amazon Echo

o Amazon Smart Plug

o Amazon Echo Show 8

o Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

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