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From Deepen Your Practice with Vytas Baskauskas, a 12-class, Level 3 Hatha yoga program. Learn more about Vytas Baskauskas & explore his online yoga classes and programs here:

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  1. Such good class! Thank you for sharing it! 😍 Head stand and lifting off the floor—will I ever succeed 😞

  2. What a wonderful practice ! Everything is perfect here, the flow, the music,his voice and his clear instructions. Thank you 🙏

  3. Thank you so much for that challenging class!! Although I had been a fitness instructor for 28 years and stil enjoy using weights etc, I have been an avid yoga student for the last 10 years. I love classes that reconnect you to areas that you may forget to use during various poses. (Or areas that you THINK you were using effectively and actually were not). I enjoyed your explanation and the cadence and tone of your voice. Very easy to listen to and very calming and helped me to focus. Namaste!!

  4. How can you make ads in the middle of a yoga class? This is outrageous, you made a great disservice to Vytas. Such a shame!

  5. A very complete, rounded class, intense and balanced. I didn't even have to check the screen to follow it (beautiful voice, by the way, clear and very soothing. Love it!). Thanks so much for allowing us to share it with you. A real treat!!

  6. wow that was so hard. muttered F you multiple times on the way back to downward dog. thank u for such a different, ass-kicking class.

  7. The instructor keep saying good job you guys- great but at all times the women are working and the guy is the only one who takes breaks! But good job you “guys”!!! Language change suggested!

  8. Enjoyed waking up to a new class everyday for the 30 day challenge this month. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise. I’ve become much more flexible. Love the way you teach yoga!

  9. Kudos to the absolutely perfect vocals / clarity in your voice & music & volume ratio- in addition to the excellent class !

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