Ultimate Yoga Workout ♥ Astanga Inspired Intermediate Class| Maldives

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This 20 minute Astanga inspired Yoga Workout Practice is perfect for anyone that is looking to strengthen the body and build their stamina and cardio. Using the Ashtanga primary series Surya Namaskar B sun salutations to warm up the body and different strengthening yoga asanas this yoga workout class will help increase your metabolism, stimulate fat loss, and release any tension and stiffness out of your entire body.

Remember to be patient with yourself. Astanga can be hard on your practice at times, so please listen to your body and only push yourself to a limit that you are comfortable with. If you incorporate this yoga workout practice and its postures into your daily practice, we promise that you will begin to see incredible changes in your strength and stamina of the body.

Get ready to tone, breathe, and stretch! XO

Juliana and Mark

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  1. Wow l love this one, my only modification is I still can’t do a full push up, but I substituted Pilates push ups from my knees. Thank you again for all your amazing videos 💓

  2. I return to the “oldies” with a smile and a sense of gratitude and ❤️🙏ευχαριστώ means thank u in Greek !

  3. I’m praying for ukraine today , for peace , for your family and all families🙏🏻🦋

  4. Thank you so much Juliana! You're always challenging me to do better, be better and it's making a difference. Before I found you, I was doing really EASY yoga practices that felt safe and comfortable, but I knew I wasn't challenging myself enough. Thank you for doing this for me 🙂

  5. wooooow I've been doing your videos about 5 times a week now for months and this one is AMAZING thank you so much

  6. Your so good! It was a challenge to keep up with you, but was also amazed at the feeling when I was done! Thank you Julianna 🙏💜

  7. I much prefer your standard yoga videos to this ‘workout yoga’ with sets and repetitions, just a shame it’s difficult to tell in advance which one is coming …

  8. I love to do yoga with u .you r amazing and I enjoy to do yoga with u every single day I love u

  9. Wow, I love the fast pace of this one! By the time we got to the end, I really needed that shavasana, lol. Now I'm full of positive energy and ready to take on the day! Thank you for getting me going every single morning.

  10. This ashtanga yoga flow was so invigorating and different from so many practise flows that I’m used to.. beautiful combination of twists and strength and flexibility.. along with opening of the third eye through coordination

  11. You are awesome. Your channel has helped everyone in my family. My mom had got knee problems because the doctor said that he knee bones were clashing. Because there was less protein in diet. We incorporated it daily. Yet,it use to pain. 2 months down the line her knees stopped paining. And now she can do all that she couldn't do.
    My sister always use to feel pain in doing Splits from one leg. Yesterday because of the above video. Her hips stretched. Earlier she couldn't walk straight and always felt and could be seen that there is a difference in the legs. And because of this the asans could not be done properly.
    Today she told us that that her legs are paining and that I think something has changed in my legs.
    Today, her hips opened and now she is happy beyond words.
    Loads of gratitude 🙏✨❤

  12. Wooow this is faster and more intense beautiful I followed all your yoga exercises and this is a bit high intensity workout I will do it again tomorrow alternate with your other yoga practice ❤❤

  13. thanking God for this healthy body and mind that wants to keep it that way. thanking God for this amazing couple who spreads love and promotes health.

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