Teach Yoga Online WITHOUT Live-Stream Classes (Zoom)

Are you teaching loads of Zoom classes and getting little to no donations or payments? Are you working harder than ever and feeling like you are getting paid close to nothing? Yeah, me too.

Stop it right now.

Okay, okay. I’m not actually telling you to stop teaching on Zoom. It’s a great platform. If you enjoy it and it’s working for you, keep it up! In fact, I teach 10 classes per week myself.

But I know it’s going to be a very difficult business model to sustain for the long-term, and I’m personally feeling a bit burnt out from it. I don’t want to only teach yoga on Zoom.

So, I’m asking you to consider building an online yoga business that is more sustainable and lucrative for the long-term (and sometimes more profitable for the short-term, too!)

There’s a better way. Here’s the breakdown. I hope this help you figure out how to make your yoga teaching career viable even in this time of the online yogi.

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