Intro to a SUP Yoga Class

SUP yoga’s ever increasing popularity has SUP Yoga schools and classes popping up across the country and the world. This type of practice is identical to a normal Yoga flow but instead of a mat you are on a standup paddle board. With the help of Mandy our San Diego resident SUP Yoga guru we… Continue reading Intro to a SUP Yoga Class

1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga (intro class)

1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga (intro class). Try this ashtanga practice next 1 hour ashtanga playlist: #1hourashtangayoga #ashtangaintro #fightmasteryoga Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster I had many requests for this class. Thank you to Dimple Patel, Heidi James, Emma-Lee Durrant, Anusha Yadav and Ree Lestaree. 🙂 Here is the opening chant: Om Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde Sandarshita Svatma… Continue reading 1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga (intro class)