Surya Namaskar Part-1 Right Postures

Surya Namaskar with right postures


  1. Beautifully explained I liked how much care and attention u give to let the viewers learn and understand the right way when u also spoke about the breathing duringsurya namaskars in the second video

  2. So once we have to take right leg back first, second round left leg back first…
    That's what u mean by left and right side right??
    So how many repetitions is advisable for left and right.. Howany reps shud we do Surya namaskar in a day..

  3. It’s funny that the Indians don’t know the difference between hands and arms or feet and legs. She meant to say ‘head between the arms’ but says ‘head between the hands’ which are nowhere close to the head.

  4. I seems to see all surya Namaskar or other yoga posture and exercise demo by perfect body hence of course perfect accomplishment. What if plump n fat people interested or advised to do?how to assist them ..I have so far couldnt find any because would have imperfect steps that may not be able to handle . Could you please add such videos in future ..or if you do have pls send link.Namaste🙏

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