Strength Flow: Power Vinyasa Yoga Class with Briohny Smyth

This is a free preview yoga class from Briohny Smyth’s Ladder Flows for Strength yoga series. You can get her full Ladder Flows for Strength series here:

In this class we incorporate movements that strengthen your entire body. You’ll leave your mat feeling great in both mind and body, knowing you completed a beautifully well-rounded class.

Build heat and cultivate strength as you move through a beautifully-sequenced and continuous flow.

Ladder flows are different than your typical Vinyasa classes because of their sequencing. They begin by two postures, steadily adding two new movements per round. At the end of each class, you’ll have memorized a complete flow and gotten a great, full-body workout!

What makes this series different than the original Ladder Flows plan is not only are the classes longer, but we inject strength-building holds and poses into each round. So as we add new postures to our sequences, we’ll pause in dolphin, plank, or crow to develop muscular strength and stability. You’ll notice as you repeat these classes that the holds become easier and new variations feel within reach!

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  1. Me: Yes! FINALLY a yogi who isn't white! ….Oh, nvm, it's only a half session.

    I wish there were more diverse (free) yoga instructors on youtube…

  2. I love Briohny's classes. I'm quite upset though as it would've been nice to know going into this that it was only half of the actual class – I wouldn't have done this one if I had known and it left off at an uneven moment. Please put that this is only half a class in the description or title.

  3. great class but really frustrating not to be able to finish it! I even subscribed to ALo moves to find the second half and is not there! !! it should be in the description..

  4. One of the few vinyasa classes that are tough enough and have continuous flow. This video is a proper workout that left me sweating at the end.

    This is proper vinyasa – a continuous flow that raises your heart rate. Not: a couple of salute to the suns then static poses! That's fine for stretching but doesn't provide a cardio workout. This class is one of the few advanced ones I've found that is actually tiring.

  5. Great class but it was dissapointing that it wasn't a complete class. I should've read that it was a preview class on the description. Thank you for posting..

  6. This got me all sweaty and exhausted…but after taking a shower and laying down,I felt the what it did to my body and it felt blissful

  7. I wasn't even close to a lot of these positions but I tried my best and am excited to keep practicing til I get there!

  8. This is an excellent sequence that is challenging but fair and rewarding for the intermediate practitioner. It's really my go-to and her instruction is excellent.

  9. Oh my fucking God. I know this was a preview but I'm more of a lifter and I tried to do this sequence and OMFG. I didn't know I was that weak… Shame on me and congrats for the teacher!

  10. there are so many free yoga classes in youtube, this is a great yoga lesson BUT would rather check out other free yoga classes online

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