Standing Poses: Free Vinyasa Yoga Class with Elvis Garcia

This is Standing Postures, a free yoga class from Adrienne Kimberly and Elvis Garcia’s theflowlife series. You can become a Cody Member to get the full series of theflowlife’s workout classes online here:

About theflowlife:
Flow is not just a way of moving, it is a way of being. To flow is to listen closely to your inner truth and courageously manifest your dreams. You have the power to tap into this flow at any time. When you tap into your flow, it will change your life just as it has changed ours.

TheFlowLife is a lifestyle that embraces the practice of yoga every day. We are intent on helping you discover the best version of yourself, and in this plan you will witness how yoga can enrich every facet of your life.

Included are six videos that are carefully sequenced and designed to help you explore your strength, your motion – your flow. Our classes are intuitive, soulful, well balanced and creative. You will understand how to move your body in a nourishing way, and you will see things inside yourself that you never knew were there.

All you need is your body, your mind and your yoga mat. Share in the journey with us.

Let’s live TheFlowLife.

About Adrienne:
Adrienne’s classes are an enrapturing combination of rhythm, fluidity, and fire. She is fiercely dedicated to intuitive and flowing movement, and she delights in the challenge to choreograph transitions that feel seamless and beautiful.

Her unconventional approach embraces body-positive language, radical presence, and a heartfelt connection to your authentic self. Adrienne believes you’re already perfect, and her classes remind you how to occupy your entire body with compassion and power.

Adrienne is the owner of, and Master Trainer for Seattle-based Bohemian Studios, which leads on barre and yoga classes. She also leads Barre Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training and hosts retreats across the globe.

About Elvis:
Elvis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and was raised in Wenatchee, Washington. For Elvis, yoga is an extension of his passion for movement and his love of the performing arts. Just as a performer must find strength and stability in the preparation leading to the final performance, Elvis finds the same joy in building the basics of an asana practice as a base to flourish into a beautiful expression of movement. He holds a high regard for the simplicity of the practice, for not only does everything you need lie in the basics, but it is also where beauty and clarity are found.

Elvis was trained by Annie Carpenter and aligns his instruction style and yoga values with the SmartFLOW methodology, which blends the discipline of classic yoga with anatomic awareness and fluid transitions.

He now resides in Seattle, where he owns and teaches at his yoga studio, Seattle Yoga Lounge, in the Greenlake neighborhood.

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