Sivananda Yoga Basic Class – 60 min | Sivananda Open Class

Basic Sivananda Class 60 min format – by Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon.
12 basic asanas
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Live streaming of Sivananda Yoga Class for self-practice.

Continuing an unbroken legacy of teaching yoga to people in Gurgaon for the past 16 years, and using the opportunity of a lockdown of gatherings, we decided to use new media capability and our limited understanding of it, to continue to teach the Sivananda class every day, twice a day. This is for our existing and past students, the entire Sivananda community, the practitioners of other forms of yoga, and for all those who need yoga and welcome it.
Do join us. It will be wonderful to have you practice in our class!
Have a safe practice at all times.

Anyone can practice yoga. You just need some time and some inclination. We seem to have time forced upon us by a worldwide situation. We now just need personal inclination.
Come, let us practice some yoga!


  1. This teacher is a magician! So relaxing – just like Sivananda Ashram (Trivandrum) 😊🙏🏻Hari Om Tat Sat 🤍

  2. For me, this is THE best sivananda-class video ever. I did it many times and always come back here. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you for this. I have the Sivananda book but this is incredibly useful and a great experience to do the class in 'real time' with the video

  4. Beautiful, where can we find the full chant at the opening?
    Guru bramha guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara guru sakshat param bramha tasmai sri guruvay namaha… Then what?
    Thank you. Blessings.

  5. I Love this class, I take it frequently. It’s an original classic Yoga and I love it. Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you so much for that video.
    This is the only real Yoga to me. Love the precise words and relaxing voice of that teacher. It’s like being back in Trivandrum again. Have to go there again!

  7. I'm in love with this channel my grandmother is a yoga teacher she teaches me and my sister yoga daily 1 hour so she tells me to learn yoga from this channel she told me she also learned yoga from this channel . After then I became an expert in yoga . She appreciates me all the time and I appreciate your channel for your help it really helped me 😊 thank u

  8. I use this video, almost daily. The instructor is excellent. Very calm, soothing voice with clear directions. Love the setting and the tweeting of the birds.

  9. I MISS IN PERSON YOGA CLASS SOOOOOOOO BAD. Miss all you yogis out there namaste friends🙏👌💝🤗

  10. Instructor were very nice, soft spoken, and giving proper timing to follow even online. Great work Sir, Background music awesome, Thanks for that Sivananda Yoga

  11. This amazing class is what I needed. It brings back those feelings and memories from my YTTC ❤️. Thank you so much and Namaste 🙏🏼

  12. Thank you for uploading such a graceful video,I am practicing this and feeling very blessed..

  13. Namaskaaram! 🙏 As a 70 year old doctor of medicine, now retired, I have two important comments if I may. I have restarted Yoga after 30 years of not practicing it regularly. Those were the days, when Ashtânga Yoga became fashionable and I practiced it without proper supervision, and hurt myself including a shoulder and thigh muscle injury, and back pain. My bad! Anyhow, here are my comments:
    1. I never do Yoga now without a proper warm-up. I walk around my house three times, then I do a few minutes of a warm-up routine, including swinging the legs forward and back gently, one at a time. COLD MUSCLES DO NOT STRETCH: THEY TEAR.
    2. The Surya Namaskar is always my LAST ROUTINE OF MY YOGA PRACTICE. The Standing Forward Bend, Uthânâsana, (some people call it the Pâdahasthâsana, or hands to feet pose; pâda is feet, and hastha, hands) which is the third step of the routine, can hurt the back if you forcefully keep the knees straight. THE KNEES MUST BE BENT AS MUCH AS IS NEEDED FOR EACH PERSON.

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