Single Mom & Her Dual Vintage Travel Trailer Tiny House & Yoga Studio

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Julie dreamed of living the tiny life for many years. Who would have predicted that a global pandemic would create the opportunity she had been longing for. Making lemonade out of the lemons life produced, Julie created her own oasis in her 2018 Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser with ample room for her four special needs rescue dogs, large kitchen with plenty of storage, and a spacious bathroom complete with macerator. As if that was not enough Julie purchased a second bonus trailer and created a yoga studio and dog sanctuary. Congratulations Julie on your beautiful tiny home and living out your dream. Namaste!

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Single Mom’s 2018 Vintage Cruiser Travel Trailer – Micro Tiny House Living


  1. Most who has a tiny tiny house always have a real house right next to it, as if we really believe they stay in a tiny house 24/7 too cook and bath I bet she’s goes next door

  2. Fantastic set up, how lovely & clean you are, your home is so pretty inside.thank you for sharing, I noticed dripping from your macerator pipework underneath, hope it's ok.

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