Shooting At Florida Yoga Studio Leaves 2 Dead | TODAY

A gunman opened fire at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida, on Friday night, killing two and wounding several others before fatally shooting himself. Police said Scott Paul Beierle, 40, was the gunman. NBC’s Matt Bradley reports for TODAY.
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Shooting At Florida Yoga Studio Leaves 2 Dead | TODAY


  1. Have to put some blame on his family/friends. No way these incel creeps keep that stuff to themselves yet no one that knows them ever alerts people to it.

  2. I saw a video with more on this called "Incel Kills 2 In Latest Right Wing Attack

    From what they say, this guy was an incel that was racist and sexist who had a YouTube channel where he would rant about things like women being in interracial relationships saying that they "betrayed their blood." Sounds about far right.

  3. I see these incel terrorists are at it again… the "Hot Yoga Shooter" Scott Paul Beierle was reveled to be an incel.

    As a white man myself, let me apologize on behalf of the white race, white men are quick to judge other races of wrongdoing, but are never look at themselves in the same lens…. yes we can be just as worse as those "other terrorists" and I am sorry.

    On a bright note, I heard those Yoga students fought back and to avoid capture Beierle killed himself. Beaten by a bunch of women… that must be pretty embarrassing for an incel to go out… I love it!

  4. What I want to know is why isn’t the recent lynching of a son of the BLM getting more airtime. There have been multiple suspected lynchings of black men this year. Why is nothing being reported about this by the news. Even indigenous women disappearing…why is this not being profiled. It’s always white men and women that seem to be at the forefront of victim hood even as they do evil. WTH! I hope that after nov 6th we can start trying to make it so all voices are heard again and not have news hijacked by monsters.

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