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We will participate in a powerful slow flow today. This is not a yin class but slower than power yoga pace vinyasa with a focus on Inner Truth. Connecting to the Universal soul. It is a strong class and you will get a workout as well as an opportunity to stretch and meditate in movement,
Face massage at the end. I like the Radha Rosehip Oil
It’s very bright.
For many herbs I trust Frontier. They carry Bulgarian Rosehip powder
For lower prices go to the Frontier website. They offer bulk orders but there is a minimum purchase.

I also highly recommend Flower Essences for emotional healing. Each person needs a particular essence so either go with Bach Rescue or an individual essence specific to your personality.

Free online yoga class. Home workout.
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Let’s Flow with Ease and Strength

Enjoy this video. I’d love to hear from you.
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  1. Insight I received during this practice.. the lower three chakras represent asana, the physical… the upper 3 chakras represent the spiritual realms and spiritual aspects of yoga.. the heart chakra in the center unites them into full alignment

  2. This class is phenomenal…I had my roships tea to sip on throughout & it's a quiet Sunday afternoon. Just divine. I really loved the pace of this class too, I always seem to get so much more out of the slower classes (even though I resist them! LOL) – major emotional releases for me, I feel so light. I melted into shavasana and was there for a long time. Thank you so much Ali

  3. Greaaaaaaaaat class …… Strong deep and flowy vinyasa yoga……….. worrior two pose tough and deep ……Just like you are at the bottom of ocean beautiful depth……I can't​ hold it so long rest in for few seconds…. Really tough

  4. Please think about what you are actually saying when you claim that only people with "an open heart" can heal and you just have to "choose it". This is exactly the thinking which leads to unnecessary additional suffering and shame for people with ill fortune. Some cancer patients believe that if they would only "try enough", they would be healed. They internalize a sense of being a bad person, of deserving suffering, of having brought the illness on themselves, often aided by thoughtless comments such as yours. I understand where this thinking comes from. People don't want to face that the world is not fair. We want to believe that fate follows laws we can control with our will, because then it's predictable and less scary. But this is not the case. Sometimes, people just die, with no fault of their own. And no amount of opening the heart, of praying or positive thoughts could have changed that.

  5. Great Rosehip <3 my top favorite oils ever 🙂 It healed my dark spots on my face for only few months and it was a true magic 🙂 And Thanks for the great class Ali, really love your yoga flows 🙂 By the way I also buy the rosehip oil on a great price super cheap , raw and super orange from 😉

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