Restorative Yoga + Meditation | No Props 35-Minute Relaxing Practice

Experience deep rest and relaxation with this restorative yoga class. This will be a slow paced, gentle sequence where we hold the postures for 1-2 minutes. A short grounding meditation is offered at the end.
No props needed for this practice, just you and your yoga mat. Take these next 35-minutes for yourself. Surrender to the stillness and welcome what lies beneath it.

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  1. I hope you guys enjoy this relaxing restorative class. Remember, when you take time out for yourself, you are better able to show up for your loved ones, community and the world. Namaste 🙏♥️

  2. Thank you soooo much for this practice! I am struggling with health issues right now so I wasn't sure, if I was even able to do Yoga. But your gentle class realeased a lot of tension that was stored up in my body over the last yoga free weeks haha so thank you. and also thank you for reminding me that always pushing me to do more and to be perfect isn't necessarily the healthiest way to live <3

  3. I thought restoractive yoga was supposed to be for all levels and present different options and ways of positions that would fit everyone. Even beginners. This one is for pretty advance students and doesn't show options for less advanced students. Not a very good guidance… sorry heard much better. Even if you're advanced some of the positions definitely demand some push which is not the point here…

  4. this video in one word would be existing. you perfectly executed the importance of breathing n finding balance in ones movement. my body has never felt more in-tune w its-self. thank you sm:) will definitely attend other online sessions.

  5. i spent ten minutes crying because i couldnt figure out how to do the twist pose at about the 15 minute mark….trying not to be so hard on myself. loved this video.

  6. What a lovely practice to do right before bed after having had a veeery long and exhausting day,
    I'm so glad I finally took time for this practice. It's been on my "gonna do today" playlist for quite some time now and it was definitely worth it.
    I feel like myself again – being connected and relaxed.

  7. In my opinion, You have 2 of the best yin meditation video's I've experienced yet on you tube so far. They are just well made, is the only way to explain them. Kudo's to your Good skills 🙏

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