Restorative Yoga Flow – No Props | 35-minute Class

Hi guys! Welcome back. 🙂 This video is a restorative 35-minute class, no props needed. We’ll be holding the postures longer to get a deeper stretch and encourage the body to relax and let go. This class is perfect to do when you need a gentle practice.
As always, remember to listen to your body, be kind. I hope you enjoy! X

Let me know in the comments how this class left you feeling.

Lots of love,

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  1. ive been having a very tight schedule lately, work on weekends, on top of that i still tried to always do various power / flexibility yoga practice daily (bcs somehow they make me happy after a very stressing day). but today i met the deadline and decided to have a break also from my energizing flows, and found my way to this video. it feeeeellttt amazing im so thankful for u jessica! its the first time ive ever fallen asleep for a little bit after a savasana. woke up feeling dazzled that ur video stopped already 😅 but now i feel great. thank you, this served me right

  2. Thank you 4 this video❤❤❤❤…starting back up my yoga practice and my body was against it😄🤦🏾 so thankful for the much needed stretching❤😌🙏🏾

  3. Im gonna be real, ive tried many yoga videos to help me relax and move at home and this is the FIRST video ive followed all the way through. Your voice is sooo relaxing and your pace is amazing for me. No shade to other yoga teachers on YT but they include a lot of affirmations that feeling a little distracting for my own tastes (like i said, no shade if thats your thing!) and your commentary is just so gentle and guiding. Serious props, and thank you!!!

  4. I was recently told to start doing exercises to help aid my body to heal by my midwife. This was the first video I clicked on and I can guarantee I am going to be doing this one every day. It is beautiful and just the type of body movements I can handle. It was so rejuvenating!

  5. I hv been suffering from overactive bladder/ pelvic floor dysfunction from last 3 years … my physical therapist said to start restore yoga .. Thankyiu so much … ❤️🙂

  6. I adore Jessica's voice. Her voice is so calming and soothing. This restorative yoga session is my daily practice now. I do the practice before I go to sleep, and it really helps me to let go of the stress of the day. I am caring for someone with Alzheimer's (Pick's Disease) and my days can get really challenging. This yoga session ensures that I "care for the caregiver" and give myself some nurturing love.

  7. been having serious panic attack issues recently. Started doing this every night and in like a week i hve almost total control of it now. It’s crazy how much control you have over your mind when you give yourself some time out of the day to let it relax.

  8. Really enjoyed it and it's an hour on and I'm still resonating with the sultry sound of your voice. Really beautiful practice, perfect cues, and minimal chatter….really calming. Thank you. Much needed. xx

  9. I have just did your yoga session Thankyou it was lovely I feel
    So chilled and bliss I have been working out hard at the gym for last few weeks and it’s taken my aches and pains away namaste 🙏

  10. “Release every bit of tension you’re holding…”
    Me, in child’s pose with a fat tummy and bad knees: “RELEASE IT WHERE?!”

  11. This felt amazing. Coming back into yoga with your class was so refreshing and peaceful. Thank you.

  12. You help me mentally, physically, emotionally… this restorative yoga video you made is such a blessing and I am so thankful! 🙏🏻

  13. Very grateful for your videos Jessica <3 I can't explain how invaluable it has been to ground and do yoga in a gentle way and listen to my body – your voice and class flow easily facilitate and make space for that that. Thank you for sharing, creating, being

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