Quality Audio and Visual WebCam Streaming Setup on a Laptop for Yoga Classes

Learn to get quality video when streaming from a laptop webcam or cell phone. Quality audio and angles like a pro while streaming yoga class from a laptop or phone on Zoom and Instagram.

Use what you have to start teaching yoga online right away.

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  1. Thank you so much for the practical explanation. I teach online Pilates. I'm using my Macbook Pro laptop camera, not the greatest. I'll try the lens adapter. I have the wireless mics, but would prefer one that plugs directly into the laptop. The issue is when I plug a mic in I'm not able to play music directly from my laptop. Music from an outside source has echoes/delays.

  2. Sometimes it happens that the picture quality of me on my screen looks good but after the class, some of my students complain about the bad picture quality. Why do you think it happens? Should I upgrade my camera or is it a network issue?

  3. Thank you for this- particularly useful to see what a difference the wide angle adapter makes! I film on a DSLR but my zoom classes are still from computer's webcam. Do you use your DSLR camera/blue yeti set up for live classes? Is it worth getting a capture card? Worried that there will be an audio lag. Thanks!

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