#pureyogatv 60-min Original Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga class) LIVE!

Recorded LIVE September 21, 2020. 60-minute Original Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) with Jeff teaching and demonstrating.

Are you a Hot Yoga practitioner looking for an alternative to classes in a yoga studio? Are you curious about yoga and looking for a place to start? Listen to Jeff and his simultaneous demonstrations through each of the classic 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. About half of the 26 postures will be performed twice.

This beginning yoga video is perfect for first-time students all the way up to seasoned practitioners of Bikram Yoga. This beginners’ class is intended to be a daily practice to improve and maintain radiant health.

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En Español
– Beneficios del yoga
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– Clase de Yoga en Español
– Como adelgazar con abdominales
– Delgazar la cintura
– Ejercicios abdominales
– Ejercicios para la cintura
– Ejercicios de intervalos de alta intensidad
– Qué es yoga
– Cuales son los beneficios del yoga


  1. I have been doing yoga from this video for one year now because it's excellent. Thank you for contributing to my health and wellbeing! Happy 2022!😁

  2. I am sooo blessed to see this wonderful yoga video and tried. It was amazing teaching. Very clear and straight forward. All the best for your good teaching practice.

  3. Ok video. Would be nice if you could tell us what the posture is doing for our body…while we are doing it.

  4. I have been doing Hot yoga for 2 years now, found this video a week ago, have learn a lot so far; it is one of my favorite instructor! Keep it up Jeff. Thanks

  5. Thank you for class! One set of everything except my favourites (NOT!) . . . Awkward, Standing Head to Knee, Floor Bow. And it all fit into one hour. Audio went quiet during poses with backbends. My admiration goes out for anyone who can teach this class AND do all the poses at the same time! Will be back.

  6. Awesome 60 class Jeff. I've been teaching Bikram Yoga for 10 years, practicing for 19. This was so refreshing!

  7. Loved It! (and such good instruction–I've practiced this yoga for years and learned so much from this) Thank You

  8. Busque muchos videos de Bikram yoga y este fue el que más me gustó ,lo hace más accesible para realizarlo , solo me gustaría que hiciera uno traducido en español gracias

  9. This was an amazing class with impressive corrections… thank you so much . Looking forward to a 90 minute version from you . 🙏🏼

  10. This is the best one-hour Bikram. He offers a focused class without a lot of distracting talk. When you listen to the dialogue over and over, other instructors' recorded routines can get tedious, but this one is pure dialogue and so it's never tiresome, always precise and supportive. A really good video. I hope he produces the 90 minute one as well some day, although this one-hour does the trick. Many thanks!

  11. Thank you for this video! I really enjoyed it and believe that as I do it regularly, I will improve strength and flexibility.

  12. Oooh… this was a killer . Loved practicing on my own time and comfort of my own home and still sweat like crazy🙏🏻❤️

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