1. @BiermaniaHD yoga and stretching/relaxing lowers the cortisol levels in the brain, If you want more info on how this can effect baby I suggest you look into epi-genetics, stress response, healthy exercise and how it effects babies in utero (strengthens their hearts, etc) there is too much info for me to share here but I am sure someone such as yourself is capable of using google. It is stretching if that is all you look at, the anamaya kosha or phys body you get out what you put in.

  2. @preciousjoeychiro You should practice when you have the time and since the sequence provides a balanced set of asanas (sitting, standing, etc) it should be practiced is one hour, but of course if you only have the time I would do the warm up. It had to be broken up into 10 minute intervals to post on youtube so I picked the most logical way of doing that.

  3. @nalinink I was 30 weeks here in the video and I practiced and taught up until my homebirth.

  4. @BiermaniaHD If you've ever been pregnant, you would understand how good stretching your muscles feels. Also, stretching and relaxing is good for labor and delivery.

  5. I'm completed this up until the day my 10 lb baby was born, but it is truly based on your own physical fitness.

  6. Hi Emily,

    Just loved your videos. Very clearly demonstrated and explained. Thanks for posting them!

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