Pacifica Yoga Studio Owner Makes Apparent Threats Against Supervisor

A San Mateo County business owner who defiantly remained open during the pandemic, ignoring multiple health orders to close, is now facing criticism and an investigation over what appear to be threats against a county supervisor. Thom Jensen reports.

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  1. Canepa is your typical pencil necked beaurocrat. If he owned a set, he would visit that business and engage in civil discourse with the owner.
    Then, maybe go for a dip in the Pacific, and just keep swimming far, far away.
    BTW Maxine Waters instructed violence on Republicans and their families. Where's the outrage from Canepa?
    Picks on a yoga studio.
    Typical beta.

  2. He’s doing his job and paying his bills. Wtf is wrong with that. Show data to the public that you can catch COVID indoor fitness centers or yoga centers. This idiot just want to stay home and get fat like the rest of his family. No offense to the fat community.

  3. Why have they allowed football, basketball, and hockey games to proceed. With players spitting on the field and now fans in the stands up to 8000. Where is the social distancing taking places with bodies slamming against each other on every play. The warriors break curfew, they don’t quarantine when they return to SF from a road trip. The government is setting a double standard here. If the government believes that these laws are necessary, than no sporting events should be allowed either.

  4. Awesome! I love to see the comments of these fellow patriots. Listen, the best thing we can do is patronize this yoga studio. I know times are tough but that’s where we need to be our best selves. I have had a pretty bad cough and a fever for the past couple of days and one of those government supplied “tests” said I was COVID positive but I think we all know how fake those are. Meet me for some Bikram yoga to support this businessman who is not getting the support he needs. See you there

  5. Really???!!! But….Maxine Waters TOLD people to get in people's faces and make them leave where ever you see Trump supporters? This guy works for the people. He didnt like it? Get over your hurt feelings big baby.

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