One dead, several injured in shooting at yoga studio in Tallahassee

A gunman opened fire at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida on Friday. Several were rushed to the hospital, and at least one victim died. Police said the suspected shooter is dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. CBS News’ Carter Evans reports.

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  1. Can everyone stop talking about race and start talking about sex? More of these shooters are male than white. It’s a male problem, a masculinity problem. These women were killed because of misogyny and anti-feminism. TALK ABOUT THAT. IT NEEDS SPOKEN OF.

  2. A yoga studio was targeted because they tend to be frequented by attractive hypergamous women. His hostility against those people was the problem, not some security deficiency. Of course nobody would have suspected this place to be at threat of a shooting outside of this mindset.

  3. The comment section shows how terrible most people really are. Look at yourselves, what is wrong with you guys? Give it a day at least before you start the demonizing and blaming right wing politics. You people make me literally ill. I get sick to my stomach reading your bs.

  4. The last mass shooting in the UK was in 1996. After the horrific Dunblane school attack some of strictest gun laws in the world were quickly agreed by paliment. Strict gun laws work. There have been NO mass shootings since. Fact!

  5. Now all the imbeciles are going to fall for this.
    So convenient the timing,
    So convenient the place; Florida 2 days b4 the election
    So convenient no phones/cameras coz it was a yoga class.
    So convenient he killed himself.
    Put your thinking caps on people, employ some common sense!
    At least the ones who don't still believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy.

  6. reminds me of a similar incident that happened a decade ago, in which a guy named George Sodini, went into an LA Fitness gym and shot, killed 3 women, this incident occurred in Pennsylvania, and injured several others, but so far, we don't know if the motives are the same, but it ended similar in which the perpetrator committed suicide.

  7. Come on people. Let's be civilized. Don't ever point a gun at another person and also don't make asinine comments on the Internet when humans have died that show what a heartless person you are. Contrary to what you might have been taught in school, human life is precious and should be treated with dignity and respect. Most media outlets disable comments on crime stories because morons show up and say things like, "Good. They deserved it" or write political drivel or some similarly awful garbage leaves their minds via their fingertips. Keep that junk to yourself.

  8. On November 6th, all of the residents of Tallahassee should vote for Ron Desantis AND Rick Scott unless they already have! Tallahassee has had a lot of crime because of Andrew Gillum!

  9. This will hurt Andrew Gillum in the Florida Gubernatorial Election on November 6th! Tallahassee has had a lot of crime because of Andrew Gillum! He is a liar, he is deceitful, and he is corrupt! Ron Desantis will win on November 6th!

  10. I love the racists who come out in droves for garbage like this, pointing out "Oh look another WHITE…" when it's still blacks by far committing the violent crimes. But yeah let's ignore the truth because HEY the media says this is the one that's important.

  11. If only there had been armed guards posted outside and inside the yoga studio, then everything would have been OK. Oh yeah, we also need armed guards at every other place of business, worship, entertainment, and education in America.

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