1. Well, almost all groups that Trump attacks have been attacked: Jews, Black People, Anti-Trump Prominents and now Women.
    Next in line: The Latino's…and then? Who's next?


  3. A sick-disturbed-perverted and demented harasser of women with already previous non-sticking convictions against him for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse, Assault and Battery, Vulgar Indecency Towards Women, Hate-threats towards women, and the list goes on…..
    Yet not one Social Network did anything to report his threats till it was to late, no one said this guy has all the red flags in putting others lives and safety at risk we need to do something.

    Instead a blind eye once again was turned from this disgusting man with serious issues, heck he even threaten numerous times with women's names that it was the opposite sex's fault for what he claimed "happens next" if that is not a red flag then what the hell is.

    This nasty-violent perverted monster perpetrated a yoga studio full of innocent women, committed such horrendous-cowardly violent act at a Yoga Studio where women should've had a right to go do yoga in safety without such a horrendous incident should never have happened.

    There were once again Social Media but Social Media ignored the RED FLAGS, Arrests/Warnings against him for previous abuse towards women MORE RED FLAGS, yet his right to carry weapons was not revoke with prior records MORE RED FLAGS, a case of mental issues ANOTHER RED FLAG, and yet he was not considered a threat, and the system turned a blind eye after countless tips that he was going to do something, and this is what happened. Disgust me to no ends, people like him using "Blame Game Against Opposite Gender" ,"Sex Deprived Social Obligations" and other unacceptable and inappropriate so-called excuses for his hate against women as an excuse to commit such horrific unjustifiable acts and misconduct against women is repulsive.

  4. This won’t be the last. White men in AmeriKKKa who believes the rhetoric that they’re being fed by #45 will continue to do this bullshit. It’ll get worst before it ends.
    Without stricter laws to get guns, here’s how the new AmeriKKKa is going to look.
    We’ve had enough of white men controlling the government. It’s time for a newer diverse form of leadership. I promise it won’t be anywhere near this version of AmeriKKKa.

  5. 💜 First, prayers to those who was hurt, shot or died because of the gun man storming a yoga class. Then second prayers to the survivors and the families of all the people who was wounded or died because of their injuries. And finally prayers to those who witnessed this horrible attack. It's like people don't know how to conduct themself in a reasonable manner. Everyone uptight and quick to anger over the littlest things. It's a shame you have to be on your guard all the time. No matter where you go or what your doing you have to be alert and ready to take action if need to. Crazy world we living in these days…you leave your house safe and sound not knowing if, you will return home alive or not. That's why everyday I tell my family I love them before going out the door. You never know it could be your last time telling your love ones goodbye. Praying that something change in 2019 so, less people lives are taken.😳😢😇🙏🙏👏👏💔💔💒⛪

  6. On November 6th, all of the residents of Tallahassee should vote for Ron Desantis AND Rick Scott unless they already have! Tallahassee has had a lot of crime because of Andrew Gillum!

  7. This will hurt Andrew Gillum in the Florida Gubernatorial Election on November 6th! Tallahassee has had a lot of crime because of Andrew Gillum! He is a liar, he is deceitful, and he is corrupt! Ron Desantis will win on November 6th!

  8. When Muslims in San Bernadino and Florida committed active shootings gun store owners said'I will not sell guns to Muslims." White men like Scott Paul Beirele have been committing and have led in active shootings for over 50 yrs, yet no gun store owner will say " I will not sell guns to white men."

  9. Republicans will stoop to anything. Now they have orchestrated a mass shooting in Tallahassee 2 days before the election. Nothing ever happens in Tallahassee!!!! This comes from someone who lives in North Florida. Now Andrew Gillum can no longer campaign in last 2 crucial days. Also, conveniently the republicans have been lying through their teeth about Tallahassee’s crime rate. These rethuglicans disgust me. They will kill, lie, cheat and steal for an election. Sick!

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