My Setup for Filming and Streaming Yoga Classes

Here is my yoga filming setup when I stream videos on Zoom, YouTube Live, Facebook, and recorded videos. I break down all of my gear and how to set it up.

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Sony a6100 –
Dummy Battery –
Elgato HD60S+ Game Capture Card –
HDMI Adapter (HDMI to Micro HDMI) –
Blue Yeti USB Microphone –
Apple MacBook Pro –
Ring Light –
Softbox Lighting Kit –
Cell Phone Lens Clip –

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  1. Bless you friend for making exactly what I and so many need! So super generous of you, and your energy and clarity are so appreciated! 🙏🙏

    I have a couple of quick questions: why is it necessary to have a capture card? Is it not possible to plug the camera directly into the dongle or the laptop itself? And would you mind giving the model of microphone you use for your in-person classes? I’m going to watch your other video about how to play music in the best way, is that super important to me, and maybe you talk about the micro from there, but it would be helpful to know that as well.

    Lastly, I know you were using QuickTime in this video, but is there anything special we should know in your set up about using zoom or face book for streaming?

    Many many thanks! 🤓🙏🤓🙏

  2. My wife is a personal trainer who gives classes online. I found your video very informational and helpful mostly because of the mic solution, but also because of the use of the capture card. Most of the setups I came across suggested lapel mics and we were sure they wouldn't work for my wife during the mobility training sessions. We appreciate you putting this video up!

  3. This is a really informative and helpful video! Thank you! Love the detailed explanations!

    I’m going to look for that video on adding music while live streaming. We’ve tried various options with only limited success. Right now we use the Yeti in the bidirectional pattern with a Bluetooth speaker turned WAY down on right the opposite side of the Yeti. It seems to work pretty well but there are times when the voice/music balance gets a little out of whack. Also, taking music out of a speaker and then into the microphone is just never going to be high quality audio.

    The other thing we’ve found is that it helps to have the Yeti on a foam pad to reduce the sound of any vibration coming through the floor. We’ll probably try to find a shock mount for the Yeti.

  4. Hello Tiana, I will be starting my YouTube channel very soon I like to text, faceTime or whatever way you can help me with my personal space soon to introduce my unique core strength routines?

  5. Great energy. Love that you took time to share this. However some feedback — this only got my half way there. You didn't spend enough time clearly showing how all the wires were set up. I'm thankful you attempted this and perhaps others who commented below were able to figure it out, but I could not. Thanks again.

  6. Were you only using the 3 lights shown? (no outside lighting, or regular ceiling lighting?) I teach in the evening, so it's really dark in my space, and I want to make sure 3 lights will be enough. I see an amazon link to the box light and the ring light, but do you have a link to the 3rd light you used? This video was very helpful, thank you!

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