1. You inspired me to try yoga and now I LOVE IT! I love the flow of your videos and how calming they are. I follow one of your videos every morning for the past 4 months, have lost 20 lbs and feel better than ever. I think the content you put out there is great and I hope you keep making videos, especially yoga videos 🙂

  2. Recycling is a start. Hopefully in time most manufactured health item packaging will be made of a hundred percent natural elements: To give to the coming generations an Earth that is at least being healed. (Fast forward please all those folk with bright ideas ✌ )

  3. Hi Isa, thx you so much for this video . I’ve ben scrawling the comment but can’t fine someone asking about your top and your stocks. Where did you got them from ? Lots of love from switzerland

  4. Hi Isabel I just want to tell you how sweet and beautiful you are you are an Angel you really are your so so so cute you really are you look perfect thank you sweetheart love watching you Frank corbin

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