Moderate Kripalu Yoga Class with Jurian Hughes

Join Kripalu Yoga teacher Danny Arguetty as he leads you through an hour-long vigorous flow practice with a particular focus on the theme of groundedness.

This is a physically challenging practice that develops strength and endurance—and makes you sweat!

This class calls for a yoga block and a strap.

The intention of Kripalu Yoga is to cultivate an internal meditative experience while stretching and recharging the body. Learn more about Kripalu Yoga at Visit for a complete listing of our yoga classes and teacher trainings.

Thanks for the music:
Todd Norian and Bija


  1. At the beggining it the instructor does say this is an hour long class. Sadly it ends abruptly at a littel less than 40 minutes leaving one to theri own devices to finish their practice.

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