Mini Adaptive Chair Yoga Class for People in Wheelchairs with Sherry Zak Morris and Tami Ridley

Inspired by and joined by Tami Ridley (30-year veteran of life in a Wheelchair), Chair Yoga Teacher Sherry Zak Morris shares Yoga poses almost everyone can adapt to doing! Share this 8-minute Mini Chair Yoga Class with someone who can benefit from movement, breath and energy!
Filmed at the Yoga Vista Studio.

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  1. Very good yoga stretches— will follow the steps with the elders I am working with as a recreation worker. They would like to do these. However hopefully the audio can improve as there is echo and words are sometimes vague to hear. 😊

  2. Good morning! Just stumbled upon this after my intense morning workout and it’s very good except for one thing, I couldn’t really hear the person despite me turning up the volume on my tablet!

  3. Never knew such a thing existed. I cannot wait to learn more. Thanks so much for putting this up!!

  4. I want to contact you. Will you have to message my WhatsApp number because I want to talk to you +919310422789

  5. Kia ora from new zealand.. I love your video sherry, and thank to tami for sharing as well..
    I’m 60y/o guy with athetoid cerebral palsy on my left side and upper right; I also
    have dystonia movements, hypertonia and spasticity as well…
    I’ve been thinking of trying yoga to try and see if this might help me to relax some of
    the tightness in my shoulders, neck, upper back, but more so my very tight chest area….   I tried keeping up with you guys but you were too fast for me [my arms and leg flew everywhere] ,  but I think I could do better at a slower pace..thanks again for sharing this video, I’m gonna give mini adaptive chair yoga a good try …sending blessings to you all..  haere rā from mike

  6. That was a pleasant light workout. I'm going through the yoga vids on youtube and yours is the second good one I've found. Thanks for the upload.

  7. Thanks for posting this video.  I work with military veterans 1 day/week providing a gentle exercise class and have used some of your exercises.  I really  like your gentle conversation and approach around the mind/brain connectivity.  Best of luck to your other teacher in the video…Tami. I hope you are doing well.

  8. am physically disabled can't walk. my back bone bent badly. teach me some exercise please to make it straight

  9. My doctor suggested wheelchair/seated yoga for me. I am 48 and weigh 344 lbs. Couple my weight with sciatica and compressed disks and stiff knees I thought yoga, in any form, was out of the question for me. When I googled wheelchair yoga I found a donation only class here in my city and I saw this wonderful video of yours! I was able to follow in sync with you except those last few "rocket takeoffs" LOL Thank you so much for making this available to everyone here on youtube! Namaste and may the universe continue to bless you Sherry!

  10. Having practiced Yoga since I was 17……I find this very helpful seeing I'm now confined to a wheelchair with only upper body working.

  11. Thanks so much for this! I'm hopefully going to try this out at the care center I volunteer at. Any suggestions on how to adapt this for residents with dementia? Thanks!

  12. I love doing yoga with Sherry! As a quadriplegic, my biggest challenge is balance because my core muscles are paralyzed. I believe yoga will be the solution to help me overcome it.

  13. Nice!  Looks like a good sequence for those challenged staying seated!  Thank you!

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