Meet Rhiannon Skolnick, Open Doors Yoga Studios Instructor

Meet Rhiannon Skolnick! Rhiannon currently teaches Chill Power Flow Yoga in our Weymouth Studio.

Rhiannon believes that practicing yoga has the power to create meaningful connections and a life you love.

Introduced to yoga in her formative years, Rhiannon credits her deeply spiritual practice to her mother Karen, a Kripalu certified yogi who lovingly shares her practice both on and off the mat.

Rhiannon embraces diversity and believes that yoga is for everybody. Her breath-centered practice combines physical demonstration, verbal instruction, variations, and modifications to create challenging yet accessible classes that support and sustain the mind/body/breath connection.

Rhiannon encourages you to breathe, move and explore with intention in your practice and in your lives. But mostly, she wants you to Be Good to You. XO


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