LIVE 90-min Original Hot Yoga (Bikram yoga class)

Are you a Hot Yoga beginner? Need assistance with up-leveling your practice? Want to establish a healthy relationship physically and mentally with yourself? Are you curious about yoga and looking for a place to start?

Find your strength in this moving mediation! This beginning yoga video is perfect for first-time students all the way up to seasoned practitioners of Bikram Yoga. This beginners’ class is intended to be a daily practice to improve and maintain radiant health. It doesn’t matter the level of strength you are currently at, the goal is to keep the body moving and do as much as you can.

Jeff and his fellow teachers will take you step-by-step through each of the classic 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, each posture performed twice for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Need helpful tips & tricks? We got our Posture Clinic #YogaHacks just for you! Going through all 26 postures of Hot Yoga, check out what modification, maybe adjustment you might need to make in order to improve! Start here:

Want to strengthen your core for all the balancing postures? Monica and Carolina have the right exercises for you to do in only 10 minutes! Check it out:

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  1. A) Thank you so much for this at-home vid. Last time I did Bikram yoga was 30-days in a row in 2010, then I never did it again.
    B) Didn't know the first set is to see where your body is to then go harder the second time. Makes sense and glad you said it.
    C) You are a great instructor. I was able to do the positions, then improve upon them without even looking at the screen, just following along auditorilly (and I'm a visual learner). Thank you for serving people through this free YouTube vid.

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