Let’s Remake our Yoga Studio and Give Our Dolls a Fresh New Place To Workout Plus Rainbow High Har

By Request: It is a new year and I have been wanting to remake our yoga studio in a hidden doll room. I’m talking a bright clean space with large windows, an open space that we can use in a number of different ways. Plus let’s take a look at Rainbow High’s Harper Dune for a Quick Does the Fit Fit and give her a yoga makeover. Join us for an all new video on YouTube at MyFroggyStuff.


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  1. I love this video, I have seen it more than 10 times, I like multiple rooms can be decorated in one room only it's space saving and amazing, btw I want to know that what do you eat, from where do you get all these amazing ideas, I like your crafts and I have been watching u since I 6 years old, u are a inspiration, for the children that there is no age to play with dolls, thank you so much for printables, these ideas and for everything…….. Thank you so much. 😄😄

  2. I love it all! I seem to have the same favorite RH/PC doll taste as You. Maybe 🤔 it’s a generational thing…no because we both adore Bella who has pink hair and we obviously 🙄 are children at heart and very Young for our age 🤔😂. I have been waiting for the drummer RH doll to drop
    In price before I can buy her, otherwise I have all Your favorites. I screamed of joy when I saw this Burberry inspired doll. I didn’t even notice that her hair was blonde until one of my doll besties Nikki unpacked hers. Really funny because she has all the Burberry gear which I love because we have English Bulldogs and one of them is named “Burberry Brit”. I like to make them Burberry printed accessories that I match with
    my own. Because if vivid my hair is now super long like the dolls and blonde 👱🏼‍♀️ but she has the perfect skin tone and eyes that gives her my dream look. I had to get the PH Bella too since my bestie Duchess ate Eden’s Bella and I had to give her my original. But luckily Duchess spared the amazing clothes. 🛬 at SFO from Maui around midnight 🕛 and I can’t wait to start crafting again (I was not allowed to
    Bring my minis). This was a very inspiring video that I look forward to get some inspiration from. BTW, what are You doing to mini Toya’s hair??? I ca t wait to see it.
    Much love from Milan and my three daughters plus my craft mate Duchess Fergie Fur (my support/service bulldog that has PTSD so I am really her support and service human, but whatever). 🌺🧜🏻‍♀️✈️🌊Mahalo!

  3. I remember you mentioning something in one of your videos about having played Street Fighter in your younger days. I think it would be cool to see some Street Fighter costumes for your dolls or even a custom Chun Li Barbie or a custom Ryu Ken doll…

  4. Hi im 8 and im a big fan ive been watching yoir videos since I was 4 I made my own doll house made out of cardboard cuz of you your the best keep up the good work!!!

  5. Hi Froggy! 🐸 I love your videos so much! ♥️😊 The yoga studio is awesome! Could you craft something based on the new Marvel movie called Eternals? I really enjoyed the movie. Thanks! 😊


  6. I know you’ve stated before that you prefer the 1:6 scale dolls, but would you ever consider reviewing some 1:3 scale doll items? They’re hard to find but if they end up too small you could use them for the 1:6 scales you have. Just a question not trying to be rude. Your videos are always entertaining to watch.

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