Learn to Float Yoga Class: Technique Practice with Elvis Garcia

In this class, we play with a variety of Crow shapes that don’t require lots of strength or balance. Instead, we’ll practice engagement and experience the shapes in an accessible way. This way, as you develop the strength over time, you will know what the shapes feel like in your body. You can find more classes from this online technique on how to float in yoga video program here:

This preview class is from Elvis Garcia’s Float program. In the full program you will:

• Practice drills, progressions, and floating-themed flows to help you develop the muscle memory, balance, and confidence to become weightless in your vinyasa practice
• Be given space to play with and apply your growing skills in relevant sequences as classes progress
• Deepen your physical practice and learn how to incorporate floating into your vinyasa

About Elvis Garcia:

Elvis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and was raised in Wenatchee, Washington. For Elvis, yoga is an extension of his passion for movement and his love of the performing arts. Just as a performer must find strength and stability in the preparation leading to the final performance, Elvis finds the same joy in building the basics of an asana practice as a base to flourish into a beautiful expression of movement. He holds a high regard for the simplicity of the practice, for not only does everything you need lie in the basics, but it is also where beauty and clarity are found.

Elvis was trained by Annie Carpenter and aligns his instruction style and yoga values with the SmartFLOW methodology, which blends the discipline of classic yoga with anatomic awareness and fluid transitions.

He now resides in Seattle, where he owns and teaches at his yoga studio, Seattle Yoga Lounge, in the Greenlake neighborhood.

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