Inside a $25M NYC Penthouse with a Private Yoga Studio | On the Market | Architectural Digest

Join real estate agent Jade Chan for a tour of a $25M penthouse in New York City’s SOHO neighborhood. This apartment features a private elevator, a wrap-around terrace and its own yoga studio.
Check out the listing for 42 Crosby Street here:

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Inside a $25M NYC Penthouse with a Private Yoga Studio | On the Market | Architectural Digest


  1. I think this would be a steal for people who have $25M to expend and Vitamin D deficiency. Because the amount of places you can get "drenched in sunlight" is through the "rooftop".

  2. Amazing space, but OMFG did you call ikea? the furniture and accessories, look like somebody who grew up reading Cosmo but never actually decorated, stop being cheap, if your going to stage a 25 million dollar home, do it with 5 million dollar's worth of furniture and offer it, as a package optional

  3. i always wonder what happen to the outdoor space when it rain in these million dollar apartments….there's things out there that are not supposed to be in rain.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says, I really like this place. Ofc it needs to be styled much better, and on the outside I’d put a jacuzzi or a lap pool, and replace the yoga studio with a movie the theatre. It has a lot of potential.

    Too bad I’m to broke 😂

  5. Its bland, boring, has no personality in it. Its jumped right off from Ikea catalogue but its too expensive for ikea visual.

  6. The price of this unremarkable condo is like pricing your aging 2005 Corrola at around $250K.. You need to dial the price down by a figure.. Yoga at home is NOT the most luxurious thing in New York.. I grew up in the wealthiest neighborhood in Vancouver, so by default in Canada, and our $10 million dollar home was a MILLION times better.. Vancouver has the most expensive living in Canada, so to ser more for less there is saying a lot..

  7. It's a nice place, no doubt, but nothing would justify spending 25M on it! It's completely overpriced! And the view is awful….

  8. Not to be a hater but 25M is over the top even in NYC for a place where neighbors can still see inside your "Penthouse"

  9. I didn't hear a word she said. All I heard was the constant creaking of either the floors or her shoes. Dare I say it was maddening.

  10. Drinking game, every time she says something about the view. You take a shot for every water tower in the frame

  11. Glad I haven't moved to this city when our business posed an opportunity to do so. By looking at all these apartments I see that I couldn't live in any of those. They all are some kind of weird attempts to replicate a normal house by using a tiny available space with views inevitably on some junk-yard that's masked behind the term "classic architecture". It's awkward.

  12. watching all these videos really makes me understand, I don't want to live in someone else's house. I don't agree with any of these terrible design choices, I would have to spend a fortune to renovate the place to how I want it.

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