I Followed My Dream By Creating a Yoga Studio & Never Looked Back | Go Here Meet Her

In this episode of Go Here Meet Her, Anja Todorovic of Anamaya Wellness tells us how her spontaneous 2 year lease motivated her to build her yoga center in just 2 weeks. Anamaya guides clients to live more intuition-driven, heart-centred, purposeful and fulfilling lives by incorporating different healing modalities in their self- development journey.

About Go Here Meet Her:
Go Here Meet Her is a cross-platform social and digital series profiling Canadian businesses powered by fearless female entrepreneurs.

It gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how these fierce Canadians got to where they are. Each episode features a different entrepreneur, outlining their unique business venture, their personal journey to landing their hand-earned success, and how their business is pushing boundaries in the industry.

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