Hatha Yoga Traditional Class in Mysore India – One hour Full

Here is a Hatha Yoga full class led by Yogacharya Rakesh during one of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training sessions in Mysore, India.

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  1. LOVE LOVE this class.. i cancelled my yoga membership with covid here to stay.. was looking for a traditional Indian yoga class this one felt like i was back at the studio…

  2. Hii sir I'm suffering from spine straight,disc bulge,weeken disc,neck tiredness ,knee pain ..I'm 29 year old female …now I'm doing exercises ..no pain now but i will not stand more than 5 mns and i can't to read any book neck wil is very tired..can I join your class ? I'm frm bnglr

  3. Awesome class. The sequecning the pace . Authentic yoga. Do you have more class videos available ?

  4. thank you very much. i enjoyed the practice very much. a little new to me. i am a iyengar practicioner!

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  6. Om Sahanaavavathu; Sahanaubhunakthu; sahaveeryam karavaavahaii..; Thejasvi naavadheethamasthu , maa vidhvishavahaii.. Om Shaanthih, shaanthih, shaanthihii.

  7. Thanks for the class, could you translate the main instructions that are repeated in all the asanas to Spanish. I'm from Argentina thanks

  8. thank you sooo much. i enjoyed youre class . please share some more of youre classes!! just till i can get to india in a post pandemic world. Stay safe!!!!!

  9. Hi Samyak!! Traditional class I love… please please please keep sharing more classes!!! I am in Canada, and not able to come to India. There a few classes to take in Alberta that remain true to class sequences like this. I am so grateful for your sharing of the style you teach there. Thank you Shukriya

  10. Hai.am follow hatha yoga practice.but i have some doubt about ,which asanas are do first,and then its order.plz help me.now am doing asasns with not an appropriate order.i dont knw abt ot.

  11. Mostly teaching the whites is not traditional yoga. It is called comodifying an ancient practice to earn money

  12. Why people are making noise sounds? You are suppose to breath silently not like you are pooping. Too bad this wasn’t explainedtothem

  13. Excellent class, thanks for sharing! But I practice with closed eyes, so the cuts get me lost

  14. I just got back from Samyak Hatha Yoga TTC (Nov 2018) and the teachers are amazing! Highly recommend them for their asana practice, alignment and corrections.

  15. Do people knows where the originally yoga came from,,,,it came from Pakistan if someone do not believe please feel free and search from internet or google you’ll get the truth

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