1. man, this is how we did it back in the 70s! it's become so much about just physical, but this demonstrates what it's really about. sooooo thankful to have found this practice, this way, again…..

  2. Good morning, very nice stretching. Is that for begginers good as well, because I know ,that with Kundalini Yoga you must becareful, so that's why I'm not sure ,altough the title is 'LEVEL 1'

  3. Hi everyone, this is a heritage to all of us and for the one yet to born.. 👍👍👍thanks for letting a common man feel this divine experience through the video.
    My request to you, do you have level 2 or 3 etc of hath yoga by Swami ji

  4. I felt this one is the most authentic yoga class.. can I practice using this video..? Do we need teacher like him to watch doing these asanas..?? Please reply me.. Thanks in advance..🙏🙏

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