Ground & Release Yoga Class | 55-Minute Vinyasa Flow

Hey yogis! This week we’re practicing a full length vinyasa class, ‘Ground & Release’, focusing on balancing postures to ground and hip-opening postures to release. This 55-minute class begins with a gentle seated warm up, tabletop flow, Sun A, main standing sequence and finally a reclined cool down and savasana. All levels are welcome as there are modifications for beginners and seasonal practitioners. Grab a block if you wish.

I’ll see you on the mat! 🙂

~ Jess

“Letting go isn’t about having the courage to release the past; it’s about having the wisdom to embrace the present.” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

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  1. your yoga video was helpful so much and making me so relaxing 🙂 Thanks!! btw, I wanted to ask about your top. where did you buy it? I want to buy too 🙂 it's so pretty

  2. i've always struggled with yoga practices for more than 20 minutes because i struggle to stay concentrated but this was so beautiful! i surprised myself with how well i was able to follow and i feel so strong & grounded with my energy inside my body!! xxxx

  3. I have tried to follow other yoga instructors, but I always find myself coming back to your channel. I would love to see longer yoga flows. I enjoy the 45-60 minute videos that you post. I truly cannot get enough!

  4. You are my favorite yoga instructor on YouTube.. I especially appreciate it when you try to mirror your movements with the student, like you do in (most of) this video.. !

  5. I just have to say i never found yoga to be my thing but now that i found your videos i love doing it. Doing it for 2 weeks now and i feel so much better aftewards. Your style is so calming and i really want to thank you for doing those videos.

  6. This upper body stretch really made me realize how tight my shoulders are! Thank you so much for your videos, I really enjoy them. You are one of the best instructors here online (:

  7. you are providing such a needed service, free for people like me who can't afford expensive yoga classes. Thank you so much. I use your videos every single day and having this access to high quality yoga instruction has changed my body, mind, and spirit for the better!

  8. Wow, that was, awesome and could definitely be considered a slow flow which was perfect. And a lil music during savasana, amazing. I love your teaching style. Thank you!

  9. i havent done many 50 minute flows yet but i decided to give this one a try today and i just want to say thank you ! my mind feels like it has so much more space for positivity and gratitude after this practice and my body feels alike 🙂 i seriously adore every one of your classes jess , thanks again :3

  10. hello, thank u for this video, have u considered to make a vedio witch join the flow o vinyasa yoga to the yin yoga? i find it very helpful to do a yin yoga after the flow

  11. Beautiful and powerful feel-so-good session. Love the way you don't add unnecessary background music. No distraction. Just stillness and flow ✨💙 Thank you 🌸😘

  12. that was the perfect practice! I loved everything from the warm-up until the shavasana with music at the end <3 thank you so much for your kind words! You make Yoga and self-love seem so easy.

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