Gentle Relaxation Hatha-Vinyasa 1 Hour Yoga Class (All Levels)

On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel ( takes you through a 1 hour gentle, general Hatha with some Vinyasa flow yoga class for stress relief, relaxation and optimal health.

Evita’s MAP Yoga Path to Relieve Stress & Anxiety video program:

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***By doing this class, you do so at your own risk and responsibility. If you are new to yoga, check with your personal health care provider if this is appropriate for you at this time.***


  1. This is an excellent video of yoga practice. The pace, vocal quality, quality of instruction and demonstration are all excellent. The setting is simple, not distracting for any garishness nor for being unattractive; it's just a background, not the "reason" for the video. There is some background music but it is very unobtrusive and is peaceful and calming.One aspect of this that I really appreciate is that the instructor is appropriate dressed. Yoga tradition is for modesty in dress (even though one sometimes sees Indian yogis barely dressed at all; that is not really part of the written traditional teachings.) So many American yoga videos show females too "exposed" and males shirtless. This yoga instructor is dressed in a way that the asanas can be clearly seen but she is modestly attired. Her voice is soothing and clear with a very pleasing inflection and volume. My only wish is that she had produced DVDs so one could purchase this class for home use, not dependent on the computer. I am grateful for the wonderful video and am very glad to have discovered it on You Tube.

  2. Evita, I know that you have left social media but I just wanted to thank you, yet again, for this video. I always seem to come back to it and have been doing so for the past 5 or so years and it is still as valuable now as it was when I first discovered it all of those years ago. I am sure that it has helped so many people.

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful practice. I haven't yet developed a regular practice, but whenever I feel like doing yoga, I always come back to this video and I've been doing that for years now! It is perfectly timed and so well lead with a calm voice. Namaste!

  4. Thank you. Very enjoyable. I was up for a more gentle, well guided practice this morning. Namaste xo

  5. Such a lovely practice. It never gets old, no matter how many times I do it. Much love & peace. Thank you.

  6. I love your practice… very soothing and relaxing in this stressful covid times.. Namasthey!!!!

  7. It was really gentle and relaxing session, especially liked how the Savasana was demonstrated. Felt very refreshed after the class.

  8. Great, clear instructions, no nonsense. A fair bit of work but very relaxing too. Great teaching! Thanks for that

  9. This was a nice practice, thank you. Lovely slow pace and easy to follow. Great teacher, thank you.

  10. I've been doing yoga through youtube for the last year. This honestly is the best video i've found, so many teachers seem to forget its suppose to be moving meditation and they tend to focus more on the physical side. thank you so much for this namaste!!

  11. That was wonderful.  My first yoga experience and definitely won't be my last.  Thank you.

  12. Wonderfully soothing full body class. A stretching and strengthening, yet very relaxing balance of gentle activity – perfect for getting back to yoga after an illness (for example). Thank you. Vx

  13. I enjoyed this very much! I have been searching for a yoga video that was slower paced yet still well-rounded. This was it! Definitely not for advanced yogis but as a fifty something lady with osteoarthritis i wanted something that was still slightly challenging yet at a slower pace so i could get in and out of the postures and still follow along easily. This was absolutely perfect! I too thought the choice of attire was a welcome change from all the scantily clad instructors. I am now hooked on the healthytarian channel! Thank you for a wonderful video that was just what i was searching for! 🙏 Namastay!

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