Gentle Chair Yoga Routine – 25 minutes

Developed by the therapists in the Chronic Pain Service (now called the LEAP Service) at Toronto Rehab, Rumsey Centre. This 25 minute chair yoga routine was created to provide you with a gentle exercise option that is chronic pain friendly. Remember that finding ways to keep moving everyday is one of the best ways to manage your pain!

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  1. Thanks for this. I've tried it once, and I plan to do it daily whenever possible. I was struck with acute onset inflammatory polyarthritis two and a half months ago, and went from being active, flexible, strong and fit to practically immobilized. My meds have now wrecked my sleep. But I can do the mildest form of this routine before bedtime, and maybe in the middle of the night I can try some of the poses while seated on the edge of my bed. I am grateful to be able to do yoga again.

  2. Day 2, I Love this video. The music the constant reminder to breath. I am 57 yes old, 159 lbs size 18. In a lot of pain. But video is helping in so many ways. I also like the ending to relax and Breath. Thank you to whom ever created this video.

  3. Thanks much. Very helpful! Quick question: How often thoughout the day should I do chair yoga? Thanks again, Toney

  4. Thank you : ) did for first time…. did first 10 minutes for a starter. Saved and subscribed : )

  5. Thank you ladies! This was an outstanding yoga session. Being able to use a chair helps me so much with balance issues and makes me not afraid to try the yoga poses. I feel great after doing this!

  6. I used to do yoga all the time and i was so fit and happy. Then menopause hit along with some really bad joint problems (all of them). And i somehow pulled every muscle in my right side the other day. And ive gained 50lbs in what seems over night. I finally remembered (yeah, memory is shot also) to try this and i love it!! It was just right. I made sure i was all wrapped up so i wouldnt hurt my side more. Id like to get a shorter chair but I feel good and hopeful for the first time in a long time, so, thank you ladies, im going to try to do this day and night because my sleep is absolute shit again also and i know this helps🕉💜

  7. I love this video and have performed it 5 days a week for 14 months now. It is a gentle strength builder, and relieves joint pain.
    Annie Hudson-Mcknight

  8. What I especially like about this video is the amount of time holding the stretches; most videos don’t give enough time. I also appreciate repeating movements a number of times. Thanks for posting these.

  9. I started doing chair yoga after working out and wow I feel so good and way less sore thank you cara

  10. I am a yoga teacher looking for ideas to teach chair yoga to a group of women with various disabilities. This is absolutely the best chair yoga sequence I've encountered thus far in my research! Thanks so much!! Emma

  11. I am 80 yeas old and have been going to physical therapy for a few weeks (which helps) but when I found you, I have been doing yoga every morning also. I am feeling so much better and am less stiff. Thank you for you.

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