Fun and Fitness through Yoga – Classes 1st to 5th (Primary) Part 1

Schools under Directorate of Education are closed and classes are suspended to curtail the spread of Novel Corona Virus pandemic. It is a proven fact that participating in Physical Activities or change in routine helps in reducing stress and anxiety and helps in fitness development. Aiming at a healthy body in a Healthy Mind, Sports & Physical Education Branch of DOE (Delhi) has developed practical sessions for Primary, Middle and Secondary Levels. The sessions are so well designed that students can perform them in a small space and without equipment.
It’s an astonishing fact that Yogic Tradition which is more than Five Thousand Years old has become a very popular way of life style. In this video, we have performed a series of modified Yogasanas for our children at Primary Level (Class KG – 5th). This is the Part 1 of the videos.
All Students please note the Key Points before practicing Yogasanas:
• Doing Yogasanas early morning is preferred.
• Wear comfortable cloths.
• For best results perform yogasana empty stomach.
• Your home is the best place to practice yogasana during COVID-19 outbreak.
• If you feel mild discomfort, it’s normal but if you feel more pain then immediately stop the asana.
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Nutan Duggal
SPE (H.Q.), Chhatrasal Stadium, Model Town, Sports & Physical Education Branch, Dte. Of Education, Delhi