1. Eu amo as aulas do professor David Meloni, eu tenho algumas limitações e a maneira como ele ensina eu consigo progredir. Ele poderia ter um canal no Youtube dando a possibilidade dos membros ter acesso a suas aulas, pois o no Youtube, tem a possibilidade de legendar no idioma de origem da pessoa, normalmente é o que eu faço para compreender os seus ensinamentos. Gratidão por essa aula.

  2. Wowwww! Amazing class, David!
    Really interesting and useful work with the chair.
    Thank you so much!
    Namaste 🙏

  3. excellent presentation, left is on my left, right is on my right, 2 different angles, all that is excellent.

  4. I enjoied your video very much. Wiii you be able to put more as a whole lesson? Thank you so much, it was a wonderfull practice

  5. Love this sequence. it is not for beginners! Very demanding. It looks like a sequence for beginners but actually there is a ton of core work. Also, please note that David's chair has a taller backrest than the chairs we get in the USA, so some of the postures did not work very well, such as Vrksasana and AMS. I was thinking I could teach this to my ageless class but having done the practice I realize it is too rigorous. Great for intermediate healthy students, however.

  6. Reconosco algunas partes del mantra del comienzo. podrian poner el mantra total o dirigirme donde lo puede encontrar. PErdon mi ignorancia pero me encanta aprender

  7. thank you so much. what a wonderful class, more like a workshop. long i have not had such a good practice. and youre singing of mantras is very very nice. got me hipnotic. i am also an IYENGAR teacher, very honored to know you. i will follow this channel thow. Namaste David

  8. I was going to give a online class and it was canceled…Opened an Iyengar Practice for the day and came here…Feeling wide open into my hips and chest…thank you for sharing. Namaste.

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